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Trigger Point Treatment

A myofascial trigger point is a hyperirritable spot in a muscle which is painful to touch and is located in a taut (tight) band.

This hypersensitive spot, or nodule (the “knot”), can give characteristic referred pain, referred tenderness, and other referred symptoms in areas other than where the muscle is located and is related to the production and maintenance of the pain cycle.

Inserting a needle into trigger points can cause favorable biochemical changes, which assist in reducing pain. It is essential to elicit so-called local twitch responses, which are spinal cord reflexes. Getting local twitch responses with dry needling is the first step in breaking the pain cycle.


Trigger Point Related Conditions

Deactivation of the trigger points can bring immediate relief of symptoms, then we can immediately train the muscles to work in their newly-gained pain free range of motion.  Trigger point dry needling therapy can help treat the following conditions:

  • Myofascial Pain
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Chronic Pain
  • Movement Disorders
  • Sprains or Strains
  • Muscle Imbalances
  • Sports Injuries
  • Joint Pain of Myofascial Origin

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  • I was lucky enough to be referred to John Leonard for physical therapy. John utilized dry needling as the primary treatment modality with great success.