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John Leonard, PT, DPT, OCS, NCTMB, CMTPT | Asheville

John’s more than 25 years of specialization in orthopedics and manual therapy have resulted in his accomplished work utilizing a unique and integrated approach to assessment and treatment of neuro-musculo-skeletal dysfunction.

Having owned a physical therapy private practice in Florida for over 15 years, John had the opportunity to provide services to the US Olympic Dive Team, Women’s International Tennis Association, and three local university athletic programs. Having an extensive background in manual therapeutic techniques, John’s physical therapy practice has afforded patients relief of pain and restoration of function not available through more traditional therapies.

John is always looking for better ways to treat his patients, and is constantly on the forefront of utilizing new treatment approaches and techniques. Having recently become certified in Dry Needling technique, he is one of only several physical therapists in North Carolina to offer this innovative and highly effective treatment to his clients.

John received his undergraduate education in physical therapy at Kean College and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, and his post-professional doctorate from Nova Southeastern University in FL. John is Board Certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist by the American Physical Association and is a Certified Manual Therapist.

John’s more than 25 years of specialization in orthopedics and manual therapy have resulted in his accomplished work utilizing a unique and integrated approach to assessment and treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction.

John is certified in physical therapy dry-needling to relieve trigger points in muscles, and is one of a select few North Carolina therapists able to employ this highly effective technique.

Region Served: North Asheville, Weaverville, Leicester

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After many, many months of pain, tingling, weakness, and numbness in my shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand, I was lucky enough to be referred to John Leonard for physical therapy. John utilized dry needling as the primary treatment modality with great success. Today, I am pain free and able to type, carry groceries, hold a book, open a jar and other important daily functions. Thank you, John!
Katherine L.

Being a cosmetologist for many years my days are generally spent standing in one spot with my arms at shoulder height. I have days where my back, shoulders and neck are very, very irritated and sore. I was referred to John Leonard through my husband for dry needle therapy. After the first treatment, the majority of my muscle issues were eliminated, and maintained via a regimen of exercised prescribed by John. I am a firm believer in this therapy and look forward to future visits to eliminate other muscle issues.
Melia C.

As a regular medium distance runner, I had been training to participate in my first full marathon with much enthusiasm and intensity. After running one weekend I developed sudden onset of severe, unrelenting muscle pain and cramping in my right calf that would not go away. After suffering with the pain for a week I saw John Leonard for physical therapy, desperate to relieve the pain and be able to return to running (the marathon was in one week). John used a new dry-needling technique on my calf muscle that was definitely uncomfortable, and seemed to hit just the place I was experiencing my pain. The next day my leg muscle was stiff but not painful and just two days later I resumed my training for the marathon. I completed my first marathon one week later, without pain, placing in the top 10 for my age group, thanks to John’s treatment.
Tammy B., Asheville, NC

I came to John Leonard after having frequent intense episodes of pain along the side of my head and into the corner of my eye for over 4 months. The Dry needling treatment that he used on me brought the pain down from an intensity of 7 on a 0-10 scale of severity, to a 1-2 level in several sessions, with hopes of completely eliminating it altogether. The reduction of pain, and drop in frequency of pain episodes was immediate from the first session. Where chiropractic manipulation, massage, and traditional physical therapy had not succeeded, this approach has!
Dana S., Weaverville, NC

I began having severe headaches - awaking every day with pain on the right side of my head and also with tenderness in the lower back skull/occipital area. My physician and I worked together to rule out problems with control of hypertension, then went on to rule out more serious problems with an MRI and MRA study. These tests came back with normal results, but the headaches continued. I was referred to a neurologist who ordered a sleep study and this was normal as well. We also tried various medications that proved ineffective. I was referred to John Leonard, and he gave me a thorough evaluation and proceeded to provide a variety of therapies – including much needed exercises for my neck, massage, heat therapy and more. Early on in the PT treatment process, John also offered to try a new technique – dry needling. I received 4-5 needle treatments in the muscle bundles that he identified as problem areas. The next morning, I woke with absolutely no pain and have been headache free for months! This procedure proved to be completely effective and I am so very grateful for the referral to John and his gift of caring and healing.
Cindy T., Asheville, NC

In a world laden with negativity, it frankly soothes the soul to be able to write freely about my experiences with dry needling and Dr. John Leonard. My experience starts over a year ago when I decided to go back into the military. After reenlisting I soon realized my physical condition was not what it was while active duty so I began a workout regime to return myself to "military standards". Soon after I began running an old nemesis reappeared... shin splints. Being a little older and hopefully wiser this time around I figured it was time to visit a Doctor to fix this aliment once and for all. I was referred to a Physical Therapist where orthotics were fitted, stretching and exercises were provided, and a running schedule outlined. This went on for over a year and during this period of " rehab" I experiencing stress fractures, a decrease in endurance and distance running. In a casual but frank conversation with my chiropractor I stated "I give up, I'm just not built to run!" I was at the end of my rope! I felt devastated not only because of my lack of ability to run but by not being able to run, my military career would come to an end.

Thankfully, I was persuaded (with little effort) to see Dr. John Leonard. Let's give it one more try! Candidly, I understand what I am about to write eerily sounds like an early morning infomercial. The only reassurance I can provide is the results you'll see and the fact that Dr. Leonard has my permission to refer anyone to me that is interested in my story! So here it goes... after one visit, I ran 3 miles with ZERO pain! That's it, an hour on the physical therapy table and I ran 3 miles the very next day and as the week went on, I had to increase the speed on the treadmill to "wind" myself. I can't tell you the excitement I felt punishing myself on that treadmill... I could actually run and for the first time in my life I actually liked to run! I'm still running today albeit the fun of running has waned, not from pain mind you but after all, it is running.

Lastly, I would me remiss if I didn't recognize the man behind the needle... Before I can accept any kind of treatment from any doctor, I've got to be able to trust him or her. A basic foundation principle for most I think. Well, Dr. Leonard has more than earned my trust. He is professional in his own creative and unique way with his humor and uplifting personality and widely knowledgeable in his craft. One can easily recognize when someone has a passion for their profession and Dr. Leonard is the epitome of this.

Dr. Leonard, thank-you! Your passion for your craft has enabled me to set out and pursue my life goals, be fit, and better prepared to perform my duties for the citizens of Weaverville. I am forever indebted for your kindness and care and you should never hesitate to call on me should you ever need anything.
Dennis Fagnant